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Affiliate program

What is an affiliate program?

Helping us sell our goods will give you money.

How much will I earn?

We pay you 3% of your referral’s orders amount (excl. shipping cost). Your balance is automatically credited with an affiliate reward after the supplier ships the order.

If you refer more than 10 new customers in 30 days and they make their first orders within that period, your affiliate reward for the first orders of that customers will increase:

Curstomers countReward
more than 508%

How does it work?

You advertise our products or site using your affiliate link (that contains your affiliate ID). Should a new customer (if this is his/her first visit to our site) refer to us via your link, he/she will be assigned to you forever. And you will get an affiliate reward every time he/she placed an order. please, note that it is his/her first visit thet counts. He/she can register much later, and you will continue to get affiliate rewards for every order he/she will make.

How to get an affiliate link?

When you sign in to your account at (don’t have an account? Register) all links to product descriptions, categories and main information sections of the site become affiliate links. They will contain your affiliate ID. For example The number 23267 in this example – my affiliate ID. Your ID will be different!
Just copy the url from your browser and paste it wherever you want. Additional promo materials are available here.

How to recommend?

There are different methods. For example:

  • You have buddy RC hobbyists?

    Find products, which they can be interested in and send them your referral link via Facebook, e-mail or any other way.

    Message example: Great servos

  • Do you use social networks?

    Write about your experience in using our products to your blog, Facebook,, forum or any other resource.

    Here is a forum post example: Has anybody tried LiPo Nano Tech

  • Do you have a website on RC on a related subject?

    Please, get our banner or a text link on it.
  • Have you shot a video featuring your aircraft?

    Include in the video description your affiliate links to your model configuration.

We give full freedom to your ideas. However, in case of spam complaints we reserve the right to ban you from our affiliate program.

How to withdraw affiliate reward?

The affiliate reward is automatically accrued to your balance at You can use it to pay for orders. Also, you can request us to direct it to your WebMoney Purse.

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