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Pitts S-1S. Finishing the delayed building.



The Ugly Duckling’s Elder Brother: the Twins, 2500mm

After the killer New Year holiday the I-want-a-big-twin-engine bug bit me hard into really building it.

Thank God, I’d gained a bit of skill...
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15 ноября 2014 года в 20:10 | Андрей Скворцов Новосибирск

I did it based on my experience with the field-tested little Twins cargo plane.

1. BIG SIZE (consist of 4 elements)
Pros: lots of free space, good weight-lifting ability
Cons: storage, transportation and assembly inconveniences

2.horizontal stabilizer with a lifting profile
Pros: high tail-unit stiffness, an opportunity to shift the normal centering back by 15-20% (in fact – by 50%)
Cons: none

3. two-fin tail
Pros: good propeller blowing (a smaller surface area is ok).
Cons: two servos are required

4. Rigid fastening of the wings and the tail (polyethylene bolts with captive nuts).
Pros: clear geometry, simple and reliable fastening.
Cons: 5kg of total weight can contribute to destruction in case of hard touchdown.

5. All these pros and cons are typical of twin-engine planes.
6. Сlark - Y15 wing profile (just the right thing for a cargo plane).


ANT-25 or The Aircraft that was late for the contest


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