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Brushless Engines

I'm in the 10th grade and there are project activities in our school program. I have chosen the topic of physics and wrote about brushless motors. I would like to tell you about my project in this article.


Rewinding a 2205 Brushless Motor

Rewinding a 2205 Brushless motor.

Hello everybody!
It’s three years since I’m in the RC hobby, and it was then that I got this kind of motor. It was intended for the well-known Cessna 150. Then it was incorporated into an overseas 4Q, then – into a Vzhik, and now it is installed in a Kesla. Although it has come through snow and water and gave a smoke, it was all right until a few days ago. It was down after I flew my KESL a few times. I guess that is due to winding damage or something like that. Well, that’s not important now.


How to tighten up a brushless "bell" motor

Once I have seen an article here; its author proposed to overlay output wires of a brushless motor with epoxy resin in order to prevent breaking away and separation of wires in the course of operation...
I do it something differently. As concerns the "bell-type" brushless motors, it is possible to do it much easier and with more elegance.

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