Hello, dear hobbyists! It’s quite a while since I went in for RC aircraft modeling, and it was then that I came across a video. It all but knocked me off my chair: it showed little planes hovering for about 10 minutes. I thought those were some extremely sophisticated RC aircraft. After digging a bit of info, I realized that those were rubber-band balsa planes and I wouldn’t make one, so I exited the page. Well, I’ve been in it for 2 years, so I have come across the vid again. It is summer, so I don’t need to go to school and have plenty of time. I read some forums and, to my great frustration, I realized that I was too broke to buy balsa (I do have a little cash, but I need to buy equipment for my RC Cessna). My great thanks to Vyacheslav Tchabanenko for a decent piece of advice! Straw is a material that paves my way. We have bluegrass growing in our yard: just go and take as much as you can hande! Then I found a simple drawing and built the aircraft. And now let me tell you how Ito build a decent piece without a penny in the wallet. Here are the specifications:
Weight: 0,8 g
Wingspan: 160 mm
Length of the fuselage: 130 mm
Duration of flight: 30 sec