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Yak-3: Two-Meter Foam Sheet

Hello, dear friends! I’m here to continue yet another thread on big and lightweight model aircraft. This time we replicate the legendary Yak-3 war plane.


"Yak the fighter aircraft": How to make the Yak-1b in 5 days.


I haven't made any new models last winter. I mostly repaired and renewed the old stuff. I also had bad luck breaking one of my little model favorites - "orange" Yak-3. The fault was mine: I hurried and failed while configuring the remote control. Despite the confused controlling I managed to save the plane from a full-force nosedive, but the foam wing spar didn't survive such treatment...
Was there any sense repairing it? It would require a new wing though, besides the replacement traces would be noticable. And where there is a wing, there is everything else...
Such thoughts led me to make a relatively similar but new model.

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