A low-budget CNC milling and engraving machine for RC hobbyists


Today, computer technologies are integral part of our life, and one can hardly imagine RC modeling or drafting without using computerized systems. Drafts and blueprints of new sophisticated and exciting models with tons of tongue-and-groove connections are increasingly common on the Internet. I think you agree that doing that kind of lacework with a fretsaw would be pretty dull. The idea of building a hardware unit had been bugging me for several years, but the complexity and having to study tons of software was quite off-putting. Finally, I summoned up my thoughts, strength, and sound enthusiasm, and got down to business. This post is for those who want to do a good thing, and still have to beat their own fears. I’ll be focusing on details, which there are a lot. This one is going to take you all the way from building the machine down to crafting pieces of arts.


How to make wheels for lightweight RC airplanes using shrink tubing and other makeshift materials.

My first hand-crafted RC aircraft was a lightweight Cessna 150. I cut wheels out of a ceiling tile, and, even though they looked beautiful, they collapsed during takeoff. The little incident got the rats in my attic to run around for new ideas. I wanted a quick, reliable and aesthetically vivid solution. I realized that manufactured wheels were less than expensive, but I knew the delivery service was slow as hell. What I found online was the technology of crafting wheels from foam rubber or using old sneakers. In my house I found neither.

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