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A low-budget CNC milling and engraving machine for RC hobbyists +1
In General, as I said, stems and everything turned turned tail as it should, the helicopter flew 0
Shafts will sag. I have a 14 mm. And bend. Motors by features like I think step up to 1.5 mm will be fine. Construction Stud 8 mm fit well.… 0
More certainly liked a copy model, particularly in the air))) the same way it was interesting to see the video with installed on helicopters… +1
People have been warned and asked to withdraw by the ahead behind the fence. Close to the pilot was only 2 operator. Even I was shooting over… +1
Need to find their features, connect to driver, show what they can. Generally much depends on engine power. Especially when the lead screw stud… 0
I too wonder. But cons and pros is not important. Importantly, it captivates and children and adults, people met, showed that know how to,… 0
You must write the seller and clarify step on turnover of 1. Need 2-3 mm. The turnover of 1 if use printer engines. 0
For everyone who wants to know the results of the field test – the wheels have withstood a few heavy landings with no visible damage))) And one… +3
Thanks))))) +1
Yes, I think so too. I hope there will be new options from the available materials and as a result we molučim a good replacement of industrial… +2
I meant travel mats. 0
The blade, as for the knife. Sold in packages of 10 pieces in construction stores. They well remove shavings if undermine smoothly under a… +2
Searched in our city, but have not found (((used to be a lot of stuff and now it doesn't. 0
This insulation that I used is the same as ceiling tiles, only slightly more elastic. And here is the EPP is the idea. It most often used in… 0
The second layer adds weight. It is possible for greater elasticity under out shrink put a ring of insulation for water pipes. I didn't have on… 0
I think it is possible to enclose a shrink properties under a more elastic material. Operation will tell. When the weather is good, I will hold… 0
Honestly say not flown yet. The first sample without alluminum inserts I squeezed hands checking for strength. Polystyrene foam course rumpled.… +4

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