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In three words: from impeller screaming a lot, little traction (haven't lifting) and it eats batteries like not in itself. But beautiful (you… +4
Just I have the same experience was: did vykos down (vector thrust closer to CT, blah-blah-blah)-gliders took off, without accelerating.… 0
Well, these ships are guaranteed not to they will soar on the contrary it is necessary to help climb out of the water, and made such vykos.… 0
Your wrong! With prižarkoj iron, all the keeps, even on a cracked surface. Of course, if the surface dust removed. [br] another option: primed… +3
Under your request fits virtually any engine from 300W power. Choose by turnover (to the optimum for the motor screw could fit on a model) and… +1
Not only anti-personnel landmines and PWM, i.e. ordinary servosignal with frequency 50 Hz, which are totally all analogue servos. And since… +1
Or by email lexash(сабака), or here, on YouTube, shared channel conduct: [url=]… 0
Or round dome replaced on the wing by type of paraglider. Consider, the second model. At podrulit′ you will be able to get closer to himself,… +4
The Nano is already wired USB-RS232 converter, usually on the other side of the Board, under the microcontroller. Looking for drivers for this… 0
Native long shaft was already broken. Now the Guide laser head from CD-ROM. And that the shaft in both directions, so that the motor no rework… +1
(C) section, of course, you're right: air inlet a very decent size. But there are also weekend-in exhaust collectors. Let diameter 5 mm, but a… 0
Now to more oil, or even špaklû PuTTY for walls filled with some fibers, such as are paper. The first is easier to apply evenly, but kept it… +2
Underlayment under laminate, 3 mm. +1
Not quite. In the drawings of the yak-3 and there are fûza lining, but there she is given a single vykrojkoj. As a result, on top of, from the… +3
Why are you so decided? Due to the fact that I have enough time ventilation? So the model not only winter fly. And in the summer, for example,… +2
And that it would be better to listen to as I try to kick with the OSG fields trifle? I better music. Let zaezženyj, but in theme. +4
she stayed, but only for small parcels up to 2 kg roughly. +6
Select "zvezdoletik"! Only as he slowly flies, despite a couple of nehilyh impellers. Or is it for the first time not dispersed strongly? 0
Model brushless motors-three-phase synchronous, AC (and more precisely, pulsed) current. Frequency depends on the engine speed and the number… +5

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