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Write Admins about Ivanovitch, not that it would ban. 0
I did the drawings for the benefit of the community, but someone seized žabaû per hour then the cons on a public that barely had time to… 0
Vadim, I wrote that this is my drawing, but some bad person stole and converted to the format of korela. In this form it and walks across the… 0
Long wants something vodoplavaûŝee do. And in winter he will take off no worse than snow. 0
(a) wing of direct or cross V as the original? 0
so there in the comments to the video author obstinately answers (like a donkey) that so stated use. In addition to flexible legs with… +2
And when next there is ... raises the dual impression. [br][br] I hope this is not a follower of the Russian OS not reklamatory SPECTRUM 128… 0
"Dipped to 15 seconds flashing lights under water and after parsing it saw that in some places the water a little leaked but certainly not up… 0
And how are you going to ship motor on a biplane set? 0
slowly fly will be any model with a small load on the wing. Can look towards medieval congregation krestoletov, just be aware that they are… 0
Sasha, Narodna military aircraft/flight also flies for the first time, if not curve and alignment is correct (plus or minus bast shoe), the… 0
for kids. 0
both models are different. Or are you like most here believe only a miracle are evaluating a model similar to the real-life prototype? 0
Anyway celluloid (and its in my childhood was a ton. Roly Poly, rulers tennis balls) dissolved in acetone very nice replaced Èmalit. And pasted… +1
In 0.8 I believe, but weak tže and 8 is Robin for this size. And here 1-2 g this is closer to reality, materials are not the easiest. Buy… +2
Cute bird. honored +. Only it is time to move away from the cave and pencil tracing technology. The 21st century, the same could be for a… +1
[br] Finally got to kompa EC49017 chip name. Wiring diagram of one to one, but unlike SE9017, it is not in the vastness of ALI. And SE9017, you… +1
Sergey, I have found that it is for the chip and even the name Alexander gave. Just information that remained on another computer and instantly… 0
carefully on the Board looked, well, what kitaezy thrifty. Instead put the fuse zapâli the jumper (zero resistor) -1
This is not a repair and not restoring, alas. and how would the residents of voronej slobodka fussing with their estimates. [br] and the… 0

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