Hi there! Once I came across the model of a parasol two-sitter «Pete n Poke». It was made of balsa with glow-engine.

I was eager to make it myself but out of ceiling tiles. I decided to cover it with tracing paper on an aqua lacquer base and paint with acrylic spray to make the outline look nicer. It should be noted that I didn't plan to copy it. I simply wanted to make a nice retro model. The motor used was brushless TURNIGY NTM Prop Drive Series 28-36 1200 RPM.
NTM Prop Drive Series 28-26 1100kv / 252w
Product http://www.rcfair.com/en/product/976951/

Wing spread chosen was 1100 mm, fuselage length – 938 mm. I scaled it and changed the drawning due to the usage of ceiling tiles.