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17 December come [url=]… 0
Boy it flies 7 months, have not changed anything, everything, as usual on flights, except for the finals. 0
Horizontal stabilizer. After the dam, it seemed to me on video, that wings bulged out in the opposite direction from overload and vyrali… 0
The engine went to the new owner. The issue is closed. 0
Yes made "far" ... Moscow-St. Petersburg, th here to go. To us from Moscow people come fly with children. Won at past slings as wondrous and… 0
Chkalov and-16 experienced? Experienced. Flew on it? Flew. And where and how. who knows for sure? (rhetorical) Èkskursavodov I train-will not… 0
Duc, to us in December come at us with rezinomotorki up to five classes should be in December. 0
Engine booked for Saratov (Nikitin). If during the week on companion link, ... reservation will be canceled. +1
Information is as old as my memory. From sources can offer or a guide, or a news report on tv, or documentary about aviation, where vskol′z, as… 0
"Flaps" on this type of make sense if you are released and removed, but this chip is configured individually for each pilot (with the help of a… 0
All accomplish in Wednesday, when I get home and I will be near my kompa ... 0
6.5 is already something:-) We started with kamodov 2.5. 0
We, too, before doing such metalka, the simplest, even without carbon;-), flew in the normal school hall for 20 seconds, but then switched to… +1

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