Hello. By popular demand I'm going to write a post about my FPV H-Quad.
I have spent a lot of time looking for a good quadcopter frame design. Eventually I found an inspiration at Alexander Pavlenko's forum. I took a sheet of paper, a pencil and a ruler and began to draw. Why paper? Because I'm not skilled in computer drawing. Drawing on paper is easier and more convinient to me. I decided to make foldable frame because it is handy. To make it as lightweight as possible I used carbon fiber tubes 16mm diameter and 330mm length and 1.5-1.8mm thick fiberglass laminate. Here is the drawings

Clips for carbon fiber tubes was handmade from 7mm thick kitchen cutting board. Very good material lightweight and durable. Big hole drilled with 16mm spade bit. Clip weight is 2.6g.

The frame


Bottom tubes lenght is 210mm. Upper ones are 330mm. Motor mounts are Tarot FY680. White clips are rainwater pipe clips can be bought in any plumbing shop. They are 16mm diameter and approximately 2g (don't remember exact) weight. They are very durable and fix tube firmly. Platform for flight controller (NAZA M V2) was sawn from fiberglass laminate plate. I painted it in black with spray paint. Tubes ends was stuffed with rubber pistons from 10ml disposable syringes. Assembled frame weight is 286g.

Electronics installed:
Motors Turnigy Multistar 4220-650Kv 16Pole Multi-Rotor Outrunner
Props 11x5 was bought at local rag fair
Flight controller DJI Naza-M V2 Multi-Rotor Flight Controller GPS Combo
ESC 30A OPTO ESC Speed Controller 2-6S for DJI F450 550 RC Multicopters
Battery ZIPPY Compact 4500mAh 4S 35C Lipo Pack
Transmitter Turnigy 9XR Transmitter Mode 2
RF Module FrSky DJT 2.4Ghz Combo Pack for JR w/ Telemetry Module & V8FR-II RX
FPV SkyZone 5.8Ghz 200mw FPV Wireless AV Tx & Rx Set
BEC 12V 4.5A UBEC 2-5S Lipoly (7.2-21V)

Copter weight without battery is 1451g. Center of mass can be ajusted by shifting battery along the tubes.

Legs are not ready yet. So I made a stand from children bricks to be able to make a photo

According to flight calculator average flight time is 12 minutes, added weight 641g, hovering at 53% trust.
If you have any questions please fill free to contact me. My email is sandro150186@mail.ru, VK page http://vk.com/nikolaev150186
This is the translated version. You can read the original Russian article here.