Once I have seen an article here; its author proposed to overlay output wires of a brushless motor with epoxy resin in order to prevent breaking away and separation of wires in the course of operation...
I do it something differently. As concerns the "bell-type" brushless motors, it is possible to do it much easier and with more elegance.
One day I have picked up several burnt-out brushless "bell" motors
I have re-applied windings of these motors and then, having remembered the article "on the epoxy resin", I have decided to make nonmovable terminations for the power supply wires of the motors.

I have cut a blank part from textolite and made a kind of "SIM card" )))

Then I have drilled it and made openings for output wires of windings; and now you can see everything and know what's what

You have to trim unnecessary things and strip wires of their insulation

I have soldered them - without any acid!
I have soldered them with the help of liquid rosin.

Now it is possible to solder wires along with connectors to these pads or make direct soldering of the motor controller, as appropriate. As for me, I prefer to do all things with the help of connectors.

Then I have glued the textolite "SIM card" with the help of the epoxy resin

Several photographs of the ready-made product

Previous owner has lost all mounting supports.
I have turned new supports, and they are as good as original ones.

I hope it will be of service to someone!
This is the translated version. You can read the original Russian article here.