A long while ago, I and my father used to build small simple sailboats driven by battery-powered motors, etc.

However, I’d never let go of the dream of building a decent RC racer boat, and it was lack of parts and the remoteness of my house from the civilized world that prevented me from realizing my dream. It was not until the end of the last year that I felt fully determined to bring my childhood dream into life) So, I found drafts, which looked good to me, made a heap of printouts and began to build the hull.

I decided to build my boat from balsa wood, using a 2mm inner frame and 1mm outer skin. The hull is saturated with liquid epoxy resin and is reinforced by a large number of stiffeners concealed beneath the double deck.

Upon completion, the hull was very strong and robust, no part of it was loose.

As I got closer to finishing the hull, I ordered parts. The list was quite big, and my expenses, including delivery costs, totaled about $135.

The basic parts:
Turnigy 5200mAh 2S 30C Hard-Case Car Lipo Pack (ROAR APPROVED)
Product http://www.rcfair.com/en/product/191560/
BMS-621DMGplusHS High Speed Digital Servo (MG) 7.2kg / .10sec / 46.5g
Product http://www.rcfair.com/en/product/9439/
Birdie 100A Brushless Boat ESC w/5A BEC
Product http://www.rcfair.com/en/product/167451/
Rudder (Extra Large)
Product http://www.rcfair.com/en/product/102678/
2848SL 3900kv Brushless Inrunner (WaterCooled)
Product http://www.rcfair.com/en/product/8594/
Carbon Stabi
Product http://www.rcfair.com/en/product/102685/
Shaft Bracket
Product http://www.rcfair.com/en/product/102697/
4mm Drive Shaft and Prop Set
Product http://www.rcfair.com/en/product/104322/
Brass Prop Shaft Sleeve 6mm x 300mm (1pc)
Product http://www.rcfair.com/en/product/102663/
Adjustable Trim Tabs Set (38mm*46mm)
Product http://www.rcfair.com/en/product/104593/

I chose a two-channel Hobby King GT-2 2.4Ghz transmitter. Consequently, I had to get tons of connectors, mounts, shrink tubes, propellers of various diameters, pull rods, etc… Stuff like that)

A battery pack balancing charger and connectors had been purchased beforehand. Here are the photos demonstrating the building process. I’ll also toss in a vid of my first voyage) I can say it was tons of joy and adrenalin for me to watch my hand-made creation operate not quite so bad)))

Weight and dimensions:

The total weight of parts currently in use: 845g
The hull’s net weight: 260g
Total assembled weight: 1105g

Total length, including the rudder: 830 mm
Transom width: 150 mm
Maximum height (cabin included): 105 mm

This is the shaft propeller, which I chose after a bit of consideration:
- Turnigy 4mm Aqua Prop 43х26х9mm, 9g - www.rcfair.com/en/product/7356/

This is the translated version. You can read the original Russian article here.