Dear experienced and beginner model makers!

As I was reading your articles, I noticed that building canopy for your models seems to be a common challenge. Often your models either lack canopies or have a very poor appearance. That is because model makers tend to bail on making the mould for shaping the canopy. They believe it's a process that is too painstaking and unnecessary in case they intend to build a single model. I'd like to convince you otherwise, it's really easy. And it doesn't cost much.

We're going to need a heat gun, a spruce bar, a handsaw, a planer and an empty plastic bottle.
Let's start with templates for the future mould. First thing we'll do is make a template for the upper part.

Now the side part.

Next come the front and rear parts of the mould. These templates must be angled according to the side view.

As soon as we're done with templates, let's get down to building the mould.

Take the bar (might as well be a stack of planks screwed or glued together) and transfer the side view outline onto it. Cut off the extra wood.

Now transfer the front and rear view outline onto the corresponding surfaces.

Attach a bar at the bottom of the mould for your convenience. Grip it in a vise and cut off the extra wood with a planer.

The mould is almost done now, it just needs a little finish sanding. The whole deal took us two hours.

Now, the bottle. I recommend using a blue one or some other color, the clear one won't look as good. Put the mould into the bottle and heat it up with a heat gun. Fix the bottle onto the mould with screws, if necessary.

Cut it out and test-fit it on your model.

It fits. Now seal it with aluminum foil tape. Replicate riveted joints with a fine tube.

Like I said, it's simple.

Best wishes on your model-making and flying.
This is the translated version. You can read the original Russian article here.