Just wanted to make it big, so I'm building Twins: wing span is 3.3 meters, body length 2.2m, approximate weight 8-10kg.

About three years ago I have stumbled upon this model with a wing span of 1.4m. What I liked about it most were its easy construction and efficiency:
  • takeoff from hands, ground and water;
  • due to its low wing load and good engine pull down it is possible to fly within city limits
  • it is also possible to transport some cargo for further release on various festivals, holidays (a release mechanism example is given below)
First version's picture

What will be used on the new, 3.3m size model

  • Hatch opening servos will have to be developed and assembled on our own as wide operating range of ca. 150mm and high force are required to close or open it
Calculated wing area is 176dm and with 10kg cargo the load is minor - a bit more than 50g/dm. However, if the load is increased to 140g/dm, the flying weight becomes 25kg and engine propulsion won't be enough :(
Body frame weight is 900g, I mostly use 10*10 balsa and pine rails (raw, didn't have any others :D ).

I want to cover up it with ceiling tiles and further paste it over with fiberglass impregnated in epoxy or chemical varnish.
Takeoff is going to be from both water and ground. I plan transporting cargo and dropping off loads of candies with ribbons, which looks very spectacular and is also great fun for kids.

Took initial layout from here http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1124466

Picture database available here http://vk.com/album-32037402_157963574

Previous solutions will be implemented in the new model on a larger scale:
  • Release mechanism

  • Candies themselves

Giant aircraft's construction start

Applying water based varnish impregnated fiberglass. Lemon color was all I could get at the store, but there is also clear varnish out there

Gave water based varnish a try. It's easier to apply than chemical varnish or epoxy but leaves a flexible crust upon drying out.

Fit on landing gear. Don't wonder, this is a trusted reinforced scheme that will hold.

Half of a horizontal stabilizer. I'm going to build the wing using the same technology - wood + ceiling tile + fiberglass

Fitting on the rear stabilizer

Sorry, I don't like to write a lot, thank you for your attention.

This is the translated version. You can read the original Russian article here.