Winter is a good season for an aeromodeller.
Plenty of boring time to watch and edit your old video records.
Greetings, dear modellers!

I suggest to watch this video first and read the article thereafter.

In the Summer of 2014 I was dreaming about night flights a lot, so I attached some LEDs to my foam plane. A complete strip seemed too heavy, so I've soldered the LEDs out of it. They are very small and lightweight. Powered them up from the receiver. Blue and green LEDs worked fine, the red ones, however, burned out. Hence only two colors on the first flight. Navigating was hard during first flight due to blue and green colors' merging, so I abandoned this option. I bought some more of the strip and powered it up with 12V from the battery without disassembly. I picked the right colors for me to navigate properly mid-air.

Flew around a bit above waste-ground. We came to the field sooner, before it gets dark, to start flying in twilight and get used to plane's colors.

As soon as I realized I can fly safely, me and my father went to the Park of Victory.

We came up with the UFO idea during assembly. I recall a funny incident when a man approached telling us that a model flying in the night sky looks fantastic and he never saw anything like this before. Judging by his looks he was in a hurry from someplace far or even passed running and the model looked like an UFO to him. This is where the blurred pictures I intended to delete came in handy.

This is barely an article, I just wanted to share my memories about the flights.

I want it to get warm as soon as possible to start flying again!!!

Respectfully to all, Mikhail, 15 y.o.

This is the translated version. You can read the original Russian article here.