Hi, everybody. Here is my little post about these wheels.

To be on the safe side, I ordered two pairs. I’ll use them in one of my projects anyway.
These are 70 mm in diameter. They look similar to Robart wheels. However, Chinese replicas are never identical to originals. I wanted to know their structure, so I disassembled one.

The wheel’s structure resembles that of a Robart wheel with a sectional hub. However, there are a few ultimate differences. The hub is held together by three M3 screws. They turn easily, and what they call a thread in the second half of the disc may be ruined quickly. There is a foam insert inside the tire, which increases the tire’s stiffness. The tire itself is rather thin, and the standard 3kg of weight do require an insert. The caps are different too. They are fixed with the help of four tiny pins. Unlike Robart wheels, these do not feature bushing bearings.

The tire pattern is identical to Robart patterns. Except there are no scripts on the side.

I only forgot to weigh it.

On the whole, the quality is good. Once I put them on the plane I’ll tell you how they will work in my next post.

This is the translated version. You can read the original Russian article here.