CBD aka, Cannabidiol is a growing revolution today. Its wide range of products and applications has taken the world by storm. The best part about CBD, unlike other compounds, relies upon the ability that we can take in CBD in hundreds of ways. We shall talk about interesting ways to use CBD oil in this article.
CBD aka, Cannabidiol is a growing revolution today. Its wide range of products and applications has taken the world by storm. The best part about CBD, unlike other compounds, relies upon the ability that we can take in CBD in hundreds of ways. We shall talk about interesting ways to use CBD oil in this article.

This thing is for people who are interested to try CBD Oil for the first time. It could also be helpful for people who are bored of their ways to take CBD oil products and wish to try something new.

CBD Oil: A Brief Introduction
CBD stands for Cannabidiol. It is a natural compound extracted from Cannabis plants. We know these compounds as Cannabinoids. CBD is widely popular for providing health benefits, unlike any other natural compound. CBD is usually extracted from plants of Cannabis sativa variety called Marijuana and Hemp. The most popular one is Hemp-based CBD for its non-psychoactive in nature, meaning it would not get you high.

Recent studies go with the notion that CBD works best due to ECS in our body. ECS aka, endocannabinoid system is a system that is responsible for how we feel and react to certain stimuli. CBD is extracted in crystalline powdered form from the buds, flowers, and stem of the Hemp plant. This powdered isolate is then mixed with healthy base oil. This is what CBD oil is.

There are countless products made using organic CBD oil. People take CBD oil for a variety of reasons in several ways. These include escape anxiety and depression, relief from chronic pain, besides many others. While there are constant research and studies going on, it’s hard to predict the exact future of CBD. However, researches claim that organic CBD oil can help in managing certain conditions, like damage to nerves, inflammatory, anxiety, pain, and insomnia.

Best Ways to Take CBD Oil

Like I already said, there are way many methods available to take CBD. You can take it indirectly, or mix them in oil and massage. A method to mix them in your smoothie and shakes or favorite cuisine is viable too. It is all about what you are comfortable with. We have provided below a list of some commonly used methods to use/take CBD in India. Take a look and choose your favorite way to take organic CBD.

Method: 1


Edibles are the best way to intake CBD oil if you aim to absorb all the benefits of CBD while masking its weedy flavor. There is an entire list of edibles available. There are gummies, jellies, truffles, latte, mints, and many more things available. If you are new to the CBD world, this is your thing. You must first try your hands at edibles.
You can also make your own edibles at home using CBD oil with your own recipe and flavor. All you need is any organic CBD oil with your recipe and you are good to go. It’s just that you don’t get to know how much time it may take for CBD to effect in your system.

Method: 2

Sublingual Oils

Sublingual CBD oil is like an old yet gold method. It’s that one method doesn’t create any chaos. You just need to place a few drops of sublingual CBD oil under your tongue and wait for a minute or two. Swallow it slowly and it is done. The best sublingual CBD oil for you would be the organically sourced one. These would consist of organic CBD tinctures extracted from hemp mixed with some healthy edible oil.

The sublingual method is not for people who love mouth-watering flavors. So, prepare yourself to taste something not so tasty if you wish to try this way to take CBD oil.

Method: 3


With the world cursing the awful weedy flavor of CBD, CBD capsules come to its rescue. CBD capsules are like any other capsule medicines filled with CBD oil. You just need to wash it down your throat with a few gulps of water and it’s done. People love CBD capsules so much for they are easy to take like traditional medicines.

Just make sure you go for Capsules that do not tear apart into two. It’s for your own good. The capsules that can be opened are prone to leak or damage. With CBD capsules you can regulate and keep a check on how much CBD you are taking every now and then.

Method: 4

CBD Dabs

CBD dabs are highly concentrated extracts of organic CBD without any base like oil or wax or jelly. They are available in the form of powders, tinctures, and isolates. Dabs of CBD carry your cannabinoid without any additive. You can mix this tincture in terpene and use it or heat them into vapors and inhale. Mixing these in wax can taste even better. You will also not have to worry about ingesting other chemicals for CBD tinctures are the purest form of CBD available.

Method: 5

Vaping & Smoking

Vaping and smoking CBD oil lets CBD enter your bloodstreams directly. This means that this method is the fastest of all. You can experience the result almost instantaneously. In less than 10 minutes, you would absorb about 50% of the cannabidiol. Isn’t that interesting? There are Vaping pens/sticks available that can be used to inhale CBD vapors.

Since smoking isn’t that very healthy and affects your lungs negatively, this method counts amidst the least recommended ones. To regulate the CBD oil strength while smoking, these are oils with varying strengths available. You can initiate with the least strong one.

Method: 6

Topical CBD (lotions and balms)

CBD topical mainly revolves around the balms, lotions, and creams induced with CBD oil/extracts. There are skincare CBD products (CBD topical) available too. The Balms and ointments are used to get rid of ache, soreness, and chronic pain. You apply topical CBD products on the affected area by applying a thin layer and massaging it thereafter.

This method paves the way for CBD to seep deep into your skin layers and target the problem. The market is also full of CBD massage oil. These can be applied over the affected area and massaged for a couple of minutes.
Some Frequently Asked Questions About Ways to Use CBD

How to Select the Method You Need to Use CBD Oil?

Choosing the best way to take in your CBD dose requires you to do some study about your problem and analyze your goal. You need to know where you want CBD oil to work and what issue it needs to deal with. You also need to ask yourself where your CBD oil should reach to work best.

Like if it’s an ache/pain you choose topical method but if it is something else, you need to choose accordingly.

What is The Easiest Way to Use CBD Oil?

The easiest way to take CBD oil varies from person to person. For a person who loves flavors, edible is an ideal method. For a person who likes the weedy flavor of CBD, he/she can use dabs or sublingual oil. Try the one that you find easiest and explore the tough ones and decide the best for yourselves.

Bottom Line

No matter how convenient the methods aforesaid are, you should still not jump to a conclusion and start using these. The best way is still the one that your doctor recommends. Do a thorough homework and consult your physician before using CBD oil and its products on a regular basis.

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