An annual report matters a lot for businesses as it acts as a marketing tool for them. It helps them maintain the interest of existing investors and stakeholders in their business and attracts new ones. So, it is a very important tool for every business.

Basically, it is a presentation of all business transactions and the overall business performance of the preceding year. It shows the detailed list of big financial transactions that impacted the business and how the company performed over the last financial year. It also shows the current financial status of the company.

In simple words, it is public disclosure of all the financial activities performed by the company over the last financial year in a precise way.

Generally, business annual reports are scripted by the company’s professionals but designed by annual report design firms. But you can also design it by yourself. Here we have mentioned the best ways to design an annual report. Let’s take a look at those ways.

Use Infographics

Infographics are very effective and powerful. They are an attractive and effective way to present data, information, stats, and facts. So, if you use them in your annual report to present the statistical data and other information, it will be really useful for you as this way of presentation of data will surely attract the investors and stakeholders.

Use Amazing Photographs

Photographs are very powerful to grab the attention of the audiences and leave a long-lasting impression. So, you must add relevant photographs to your annual reports.

Make It Interactive

Do not overload your annual reports with too much-written information. It can make it boring. Use great interactive content. It would be very helpful to achieve your goals.

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