HK-500 Glowing Tail and Light Set (Align part # H50031)

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HK-500 Glowing Tail and Light Set (Align part # H50031)

Night flying has never been more fun! 
The HK-500 glow set includes tail rotor and tail fins plus a resistored UV LED set that handles up to 13v! Perfect for 3S setups.
Installation is simple, just replace the standard flybar paddles, tail rotors and fins with our glow versions then install the UV LED to point towards whichever part you want to glow the brightest.
The UV-LED excites the luminescence material in the polymer causing it to glow brightly.

HK-500 tail rotors.
HK-500 Tail fins.
80cm two wire lead (Pre-soldered)
Resistor (Pre-soldered)
High Power Directional UV-LED (Pre-soldered)
(Similar Align part # H50031)

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