Skylark FPV Auto Antenna Tracker System

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Skylark FPV Auto Antenna Tracker System

The Skylark Auto Antenna Tracker tracks where in the sky or where on the ground your plane, helicopter/multirotor or vehicle is. The Skylark Auto Antenna is a directional aerial and due to its auto tracking function it does not require a second person to constantly point the aerial at the model, it will follow it wherever it goes which greatly improves the range over omni-directional type aerials. Couple this antenna with one of the Skylark All-in-1 OSD units for the ultimate FPV experience.

• Easy assembly, no tools required
• Tracks 360°horizontally and 90°vertically
• Includes built in compass for easy set up
• Built in bluetooth
• Supports different brands of OSD
• Metal gears
• Includes power module
• Dual servo operation
• Free firmware upgrade
• Includes mounting bracket for AV receiver

Input voltage: 12v
Size: 128mm x 93mm x 66mm
Weight: 500g

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