Turnigy Super Brain 100A Brushless ESC

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Turnigy Super Brain 100A Brushless ESC

Ultra fast microprocessor controlled, extremely low resistance circuit and chip design, and aluminum heatsink for better thermal dissipation are just some of the features in the new TURNIGY Super Brain range of brushless speed controllers.
The Super Brain brushless esc is a high performance ESC capable of standard and competition use.
Full protection, including signal loss, over-temperature.
Programable by USB, PC or your Tx.
Compatible with all radio systems.
Supports the ‘Turnigy USB Linker’ to program the ESC by computer.
ESC Firmware upgradeable via the internet.
Integrated flight data logger, records data for the ENTIRE flight such as:
- Voltage
- Current
- Temperature
- Motor RPM
- Throttle travel

Programmable settings;

Startup (Default Standard/Soft/hard)
Low Voltage cutoff (Default 12.0/15.0/18.0/21.0/24.0/27.0/30.0/33.0/36.0V)
Current limiting (Default Standard/Very sensitive/Insensitivity/Disabled)
Brake (Default None/Soft/Hard)
PWM rate (8/12/16 KHz)
Timing (Default Auto/Low/Middle/High)
Cutoff type (Default Hard/Soft)
Governor mode (Default Auto/Low/High)
Constant Current: 100A
Burst Current: 120A
Battery: 4-12S Lipoly
Motor Type: Brushless
Size: 69 x 52 x 24mm
Weight: 109g
Throttle range: 640us

**Programable with Turnigy programming Box and Turnigy USB Linker, see related items above.
We suggest customers to not program the esc with their Tx.

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