Walkera QR W100S Wi-Fi FPV Micro Quadcopter IOS Compatible (Mode 2) (RTF)

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Walkera QR W100S Wi-Fi FPV Micro Quadcopter IOS Compatible (Mode 2) (RTF)

The QR W100S is Walkera's newest FPV micro quad and is becoming very popular for good reason. This micro quad has an on-board camera capable of sending back a live video feed via 2.4GHz wi-fi to your IOS device. It can even be flown from your mobile device meaning that you can fly it without a transmitter if you'd like. For those of you that prefer to fly with the traditional R/C transmitter, you can do so and still watch the live video feed via wi-fi on your i-Phone/i-Pad!

This stylish quadcopter features a molded plastic body which gives it a very futuristic and cool look. The body is thin keeping it lightweight, yet is strong making the model very durable. The large propellers make the model very efficient and powerful. Flight times of well over 10 minutes can be achieved with a single battery pack.

The flight control system of the QR W100S utilizes a high precision 6-axis gyro offering extremely stable flight characteristics. This makes it easy for beginners and make for very precise control that experienced users will enjoy. Great for FPV flying as the model is very stable.

The QR W100S comes completely "Ready to Fly" including the Devo 4 2.4GHz transmitter, 600mAh lipoly battery and a dual port USB battery charger. Everything you need to start flying FPV today!

• "Ready to Fly" - includes everything you need, simply charge the battery and fly!
• Super cool molded plastic body gives this quad a futuristic aircraft look
• On-board FPV camera providing a live video feed during flight
• 2.4GHz wi-fi link for sending live video feed to your IOS device
• Can be flown with the included 2.4GHz transmitter or with your IOS device via 2.4GHz wi-fi control
• Large propellers provide power and high efficiency offering flight times of over 10 minutes

Dimensions: 145mm x 145mm
Flying Weight: 89g (w/battery installed)
Flight Time: 10 minutes or more
Camera: micro HD
Transmitter: Devo 4 2.4GHz (Mode 2) (included)

QR W100S FPV Micro Quadcopter
Devo 4 2.4GHz transmitter (Mode 2 - left stick throttle)
3.7V 600mAh lipoly battery
USB dual battery charger
PC link cable for transmitter
User manual CD

4 x AA battery for transmitter

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