Super Kinetic Aerobatic Sport Glider Airplane EPO 815mm (PNF)

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Super Kinetic Aerobatic Sport Glider Airplane EPO 815mm (PNF)

If you're looking for a fast, fun, aerobatic sport model that can be flown just about anywhere, the Super Kinetic is what you're after! From high speed aerobatics including pylon style "bank and yank" flying to off-power gliding, the Super Kinetic handles it all with ease. It's a truly versatile model that is a blast to fly.

Constructed from ultra durable EPO foam and featuring carbon fiber reinforcement in all the right places, the Super Kinetic airframe is strong and responsive. Both the ailerons and rudder feature ball-linked pushrods providing slop-free control and easy adjustment, while the all-moving tail plane gives the model superb elevator response and really lets you dig in for high speed "bank and yank" turns. You can roll this model on its side and pull a 180 degree turn at full power without issue!

Although it's capable of aerobatics and high speed flight, the Super Kinetic is perfectly happy gliding as well thanks to the pre-installed folding prop and optional brake setting of the ESC. With the ESC brake turned on, the prop will fold when the throttle is off allowing the Super Kinetic to penetrate with very little drag.

Building the Super Kinetic couldn't be easier as there is no gluing required. The main wing simply latches in place while the elevator halves snap on securely to the elevator control rod. The motor, ESC and servos all come pre-installed. The ball-linked pushrods come pre-installed and adjusted as well. You will simply need to install your receiver, clip on the wing and tail, install your battery and fly. It's that simple!

• "Plug and Fly" - simply add your own radio system and battery!
• Wide flight envelope from high speed aerobatics to off-power gliding
• Powerful 2630 1000KV brushless outrunner motor pre-installed
• All-moving horizontal stabilizer
• Ball-linked pushrods
• EPO foam construction
• Folding prop and spinner pre-installed
• Easy access magnetic battery hatch

Wingspan: 815mm
Length: 629mm
Weight: 365g
ESC: 20A brushless (included)
Servo: 5 x 4 (included)
Motor: 2630 1000KV brushless outrunner (included)

Super Kinetic PNF Sport Glider
User Manual

4CH transmitter and receiver
3S 11.1V 800~900mAh lipoly battery

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