Turnigy 760LV-HV Dual Pulse Width Selectable Servo Tester

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Turnigy 760LV-HV Dual Pulse Width Selectable Servo Tester
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The Turnigy 760HV servo tester was custom designed to be the most accurate and accommodating servo tester available. It's quality case design reflects the thought and design of this device.

Designed to handle Narrow (760us/560Hz) and Normal (1520us/66.6Hz) pulse servos plus being able to run with as little as 3v up to 12.6v. Making this a servo tester you can use with almost any servo!

The 760HV's versatility comes from the high-spec potentiometer and it's high-end NEC chip which can handle low(3v) and high(12.6v) voltages.

Servo Type: (760us/560Hz) or (1520us/66.6Hz) HV or Standard
Input voltage: DC3~12.6V (1~3S Lipoly)
Plug: Futaba & JR
Weight: 35g
Dimensions: 63x55x21mm
Attention: Do not input a voltage that is higher than your servo can handle.

Note: Servo tester is available in two colours. We are unable to guarantee the item will be either color, RED & BLACK with the reverse combination of the same colors of the excisting one shown in the photo!

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