Turnigy Infrared Thermometer (-33 ~ 220Celsius)

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Turnigy Infrared Thermometer (-33 ~ 220Celsius)

The Turnigy temp checker now handles temp up to 428F! making it great for hot glow/gas engines!
Our Turnigy Infrared Thermometer can check the temperature of any Motor, ESC or battery simply by pointing and pressing the button. There is no need to make contact with the object!
An excellent way to check battery or motor temps!
Also easy to change the mode from celsius to fahrenheit as well as the Min/Max , Lock and emissivity can be adjusted.


Measuring Range : -33~220C (-27.4~428F)
Operating Range : -10~+50C (14~+122F)
Full Range Accuracy : +/- 2.5C, 2.5%
Distance :2~40cm
Emissivity Range : default 0.95 Adjustable 0.05(5E) to 1(100E) 
Wave Length : 5um~14um
Power Supply : CR2032
Spot Range: 1:1 (1mtr distance measures 1mtr spot size)
Display shown in Celsius/Centigrade & fahrenheit.

Made in Taiwan by the original Temp Probe manufacturer. Not a Chinese copy!

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