Hornet Formula-1 Tunnel Hull with 540 Outboard Motor R/C Racing Boat (750mm)

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Hornet Formula-1 Tunnel Hull with 540 Outboard Motor R/C Racing Boat (750mm)

The large 1:10 scale Hornet Racing Boat has a stunning tunnelhull design and runs a large 540 outboard motor. Included is a waterproof ESC as well as a high speed servo for fast response. The 540 motor also controls the direction of the boat making it turn quickly without losing speed. The boat is constructed with fiberglass and immaculately painted and finished in a high-gloss gel-coat for improved glide and a glass finish!
You just need a 2~3S lipo and your own RX to power up this boat.

Length: 750mm
Width: 280mm
Height: 200mm
Motor: 2858-1400kv Brushless outboard motor
ESC: 50A
Servo: 1 x standard size servo
Battery: 2~3S 4000mah to 5000 lipo battery (Not included)

Radio System (2ch) & Receiver
Battery: 2~3S 4000mah to 5000 lipo battery (Not included)

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Friends hope a tip. Can I not right. Speed is not enough. Kind of. With akkumom 5000 is not gone. Put 3000 is a result of the video. Motor raised as far as it will go up and the shaft horizontally. Filmed wife, without zoom. Far out. Cut pieces that take a closer look. Very fidgety. On turns dumped gas.
"With 5000 akkumom not gone"
course 5000 battery is heavier, but this is not the main thing. If tokootdača low engine will simply be "Miss Toku":(, consumption of what?
Battery 30 c. All waste. I am more worried about adjusting the motor. Above-below. Catamaran saw the difference immediately. Largest spray and speed. But on this, the motor up and down move. I saw no difference.
"The difference is not seen"

means no there "roeš′".
He would know, so did not ask the Council would
So not visible f damn ... how to tell?
What to watch? Raised until it stops up motor.? Anywhere on the forums and read only, saying video need the sound of splashes and say ....
Agree, but in addition there is a screw, engine control, battery ... Everything is interconnected. for various reasons, can not develop the required engine power-speed or battery not to extradite alleged currents.
check the indicators measured shoot ...
Good day!
a battery on the 2S or 3S on the model?
Engine for boat racing Sprint F3 Tunnel Hull (630 mm)
Product http://www.parkflyer.ru/ru/product/817123/
Motor this stands on the model?
if the model strongly "aquatic", reduce leverage on the servo and increase leverage on rocking rotation engine. Would not such a sharp turn and "vertlâvost′" will disappear. And of course the manner of control model, sharp rudder practicing any model of "zavertlâet". But it is difficult to judge about this video ...
the first impression that a) battery does not issue tokootdaču full,) not configured timing engine and it does not extradite full power. And of course my first question in effect also affects markedly 1S speed boost.
with respect.
Hello. Motor Marine Outboard Unit with Flexible Drive and Prop (Motor not Included)
Engine without marking. In the description of the alleged 1400kv-2858. Screw diameter 35. Step does not know.
the accumulator is worth 3S-3000. New timing yet. Since figured out. Well, with vertlâvost′û can cope.

and not very much slower than your steamer, as stated by the manufacturer, is running.
Well can only slightly. ...
Work with COG and see nowhere erases wheel rotates easily?
the engine is not hot after races?
with respect.
Drive not receptionists were smoking motor barely warm. COGS are not available, order it. But it seems already spring. Thank you.

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