F-16 Practice Stick Plane Laser Cut Wood Model (Kit)

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F-16 Practice Stick Plane Laser Cut Wood Model (Kit)

Practice your I.M.A.C. and Freestyle maneuvers before you ever get to the field.
Light weight and easy to handle they are certain to improve any pilots flying skill from beginner to expert. These brilliant models are constructed from laser cut MDF and are very easy to assemble, the parts have interlocking tabs to aid assembly but a small amount of glueing is required.

These laser cut wood kits come in flat pack form to save on shipping costs.

• Light MDF construction
• Laser cut with scale appearance
• Laser cut etching showing control surfaces and panel lines
• Easy and quick to assemble
• Extension dowel with wood constructed ball for increased maneuverability

Model: F-16
Wingspan: 125mm
Fuselage Length: 90mm
Dowel Length: 120mm
Weight: 70g

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