CNC 3D spinner Small V2 Silver

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CNC 3D spinner Small V2 Silver

CNC 3D spinner Small V2 Silver

For DA50, DL50, EVO 54

Material: aluminium 6061-T6 (anodized)
Weight: 37g
Diameter: 45mm
Length: 26mm
Mounting: 4 Hole
hole circle: 30mm

1. It can be installed easily.
2. It is pretty lighter than existing aluminum spinner.
3. Condition of propeller bolt can be checked frequently.
4. Throttling response would be improved.
5. It can be used for propeller drilling jig and semi-permanently.
6. It looks nice because of beautiful colored annodized surface.
7. Spinner machined by precision CNC will provide accurate balancing and
reduce vibration of engine.

Made in Korea

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