CNC Drilling Jig Set_6M (Drill:5.1mm) Gold

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CNC Drilling Jig Set_6M (Drill:5.1mm) Gold

Suitable for the following Engines DA100, DL100, 3W100, DA85, MVVS58, 3W55, 3W50, EVO58
Mounting: 6 Hole
Hole circle: 29mm
weight: 101g

Drill : 5.1mm Includ

Jig: AL6061 (gold anodized)
Rotation prevention pin: AL6061 (red anodized)
Drill holders: SKD11 Tool Steel (silver)

Prop drill jig for 6 bolt fixing comes with drill guide locking peg and drill bit.Hand held drill can be used as drill guide keeps drill straight no need for a pillar drill .

Step 1: insert jig into the hole to the propeller
Step 2: After inserting jig, drill the first hole using the silver drill guide
Step 3: Place rotation prevention pin (red) into the drilled hole
Step 4: Drill the remainder of the holes using the drill guide.

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