Turnigy T-20Pro Quality 16A Power Supply 180~240V (220W)

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Turnigy T-20Pro Quality 16A Power Supply 180~240V (220W)

Turnigy T-20Pro can supply a constant and solid 16A at 14v.
Even if you dont charge at high rates, having a solid power supply like this will ensure the charger is supplied with a good constant current, helping it to balance cells more accurately.

The charger will suit 100-240v 50-60Hz home power points. The plug is a common kettle/laptop  type, so it will be easy to source a local power cord.

Output: 14VDC (220W)
Input: 180~240V (50~60Hz)

Internal fan thermostat set to 60Deg Celcius. Fan will not run unless power supply internal temp reaches 60DegC.

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