H-KING 10A Fixed Wing Brushless Speed Controller

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Designed for planes only, the H-KING escs are an excellent choice for any plane requiring linear, sharp and reliable throttle response on a 10A ESC.
H-KING speed controllers have strict end-of-line QC testing and are SMT (Pick-n-Place) in the same room as the through-hole soldering(wires, capacitor) and packaging is done. Improving quality and reducing contamination and inconsistencies due to transportation.
The H-KING 10A comes pre set-up with LiPo settings and Auto cell detection.
The H-KING Speed Controller includes a 1A BEC (Battery Elminator Circuit) to power your receiver, there is no need to have a seperate receiver battery.
The H-KING range of ESCs are both economic and reliable. They are pre-setup with LiPo and auto cell detection so you can just plug it in and fly!

Basic Spec.
Amp rating: 10A
Burst Rate (15sec): 11A
BEC Current: 1A, 5V (Linear)
Voltage: (2-3 cell Lipo)
Dimensions: 23x18x8mm
Weight: 8g

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