WEMOTEC Mini Fan pro / HET 2W20

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For 3S and 4S LiPo

This is by far the best selling EDF combo from WeMoTec. It comes for example with the Viperjet by Tomahawk Design, but can be equally used with most models weighing 1 - 1.5 kg.
Since current can reach up to 50 A ( 3S) and 60A ( 4S), we recommend  60 A speed controller ( 3S ) and 80 A ( 4 S). Throttle management is recommended to reach a good flying time.

The motor is a 6 pole motor turning more than 40.000 rpm. So only speed controllers that can switch more than 120.000 times / minute are suitable.

The fan unit comes completely mounted with a HET 2W20 motor.
The unit is assembled and checked at factory, precision balanced and harmonically tuned.

Set comprises:
1 x Mini Fan evoo ducted fan unit with optional intake lip
1 x HET 2W20 motor
 inner diameter:  69,0 mm
 outer diameter:  72 mm
 length of shroud:  60 mm
 weight, complete:  155 grams (w/o intake lip = + 14g)
 fan swept area:  29.4 qcm
 rotor:  9-blades, Nylon (glass reinforced)
 power input approx.  822 W
 thrust:  13.5 N (approx. 1.35 kg)
 rec. battery:  4s lipo, from 3.000 mAh 30C or better
 rec. thrust tube dia.:  56 mm dieameter
 Timing ESC:  approx. 12°
 PWM:   8-12 kHz

We measure with a constant voltage of 3.7 V / cell. 
Current and thrust are measured with a small intake lip (r=6 mm) at 21° C, 50m asl and standard pressure.
Depending on battery, controller and installation you may see higher or lower figures.

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