FPV Tilt Camera Mount with Landing Gear

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FPV Tilt Camera Mount with Landing Gear

The HobbyKing FPV tilt camera mounting system is a simple and easy way to mount your camera. Suitable for 450~500 class helicopters and made from light weight fibre glass material. The mounting plate features adjustable screw locations for mounting your heli and for relocating the camera mount to attain correct CoG. Kit includes screws, ball sockets, connection rods, linkages and pre-cut fiberglass board.
Height: 185mm (to mounting plate)
Skid width: 190mm
Skid length: 290mm
Camera mount area width: 110mm
Camera mount area height: 100mm
Dry Weight: 188g (not including servo)
 Material: Fibre Glass

1 x 9g Servo

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