KATANA-15 EP/Glow 42.3inch Balsa/Ply KIT

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KATANA-15 EP/Glow 42.3inch Balsa/Ply KIT

Love the smell of Nitro on a Sunday morning? Then the Katana-15 is for you! A superbly crafted laser cut ply and balsa model finished with quality covering film, the Katana-15 comes with an EP motor mount and a Glow engine mount to suit .15 to .25 2 stroke engines giving you a choice between a green or mean power system!

The Katana-15 comes 90% pre-assembled and includes all hardware for EP or Glow setups including a 90cc fuel tank. The Katana-15 also features a large removable canopy to allow easy access to the battery compartment or fuel tank and electronics. The canopy design and construction follows the same molding principles and quality finish as many larger models and includes a rear hatch lock pin to keep the canopy in place. A detailed user manual is included on CD to help make setup a breeze.

With molded fibre glass wheel spats, a solid 2 piece aluminum landing gear and steerable tail wheel the Katana-15 sports features usually found in more expensive models.

Wing Span: 1075mm (42.3in)
Length: 860mm (33.9in)
Wing area: 21sq.dm
Flying Weight: 900g~1000g

Glow Setup
Radio: Your own TX & RX
Servo: 5 x 9g Servos
Engine: .15 to .25 Glow (2 Stroke)
Battery: RX battery

EP Setup

Radio: Your own TX & RX
Servo: 4 x 9g Servos
Motor: 28-36 to 35-36 Size ~1100kv
ESC: 35A
Battery:  11.1v 3S1P 1800mah 25c


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