Hobby King T-Shirt Navy Blue (XXX-Large)

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HobbyKing.com T-Shirt
Made from 100% Cotton.
Find out who your real friends are at your club with the HobbyKing.com T-shirt!
Strike fear into the hearts of store owners by wearing this 100% cotton topic of conversation to your local hobby store & watch their attitudes change as you proudly wear your battle dress whilst perusing the shelves of overpriced locally acquired merchandise.
Prepare to be loved or hated at your next R/C convention or meet-up.
The iconic HobbyKing.com trademark is an internationally renowned logo, a beacon un to others as to the true king of R/C, the consumer! This shirt is a reminder that no distributor, store, vendor or manufacturer can ignore with the collective voice of the astute hobby customer.
This T-Shirt guarantees* the wearer will be impervious to overpriced goods and fake hobby store owner friends for a period of 6 months.
Available in M, L, XL, XXL sizes.
*Guarantee not guaranteed.

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