HobbyKing Donkey ST2004-1550kv Brushless Motor

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When pulling power matters and looks.. well.. just dont, then the HobbyKing Donkey ST2004 is the work horse for you. This tough-as-rawhide motor features a heavy duty mount and self oiling bushings that just wont give up like some of the bearings in those little "Show Pony" motors.

RPM/v: 1550kv
Dimensions: 28 x 17mm
Shaft: 3.0mm
Voltage: 7.4v~11.1v
Weight: 33g
No-load current: 1.0A @ 11.1v
Max Current: 10A
Max Watts: 100W
Mounting Holes: 33mm

Prop Data:
7035 - 7.4v - 3.5A - 180g Thrust
8043 - 7.4v - 6.4A - 285g Thrust
7035 - 11.1v - 6.5A - 370g Thrust


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