HobbyKing 540w 220~240v Power Supply (13.8v~18v - 30amp)

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HobbyKing 540w 220~240v Power Supply (13.8v~18v - 30amp)

Serious power for heavy duty charging!

The HobbyKing 540W power supply features adjustable power output (13.8v to 18v DC) making it an extremely versatile power supply. This power supply also features dual outputs and is suitable for 2 chargers up to 540w (Combined). The HobbyKing 540w Power Supply also features over current and over temperature protection and warning LEDs.

Input Voltage: 220~240V AC
Output Voltage: 13.8v~18v DC (Adjustable)
Output Amps: 30A
Output Watts: 540W
Temperature Cutoff: Cooling:  Dual Fan
Dimensions 208 x 139 x 59.5mm
Weight: 1.48kg

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