On-Board Electronic Glowplug Igniter 1.5V 4A

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On-Board Electronic Glowplug Igniter 1.5V 4A

This on-board glowplug igniter is perfect for all nitro engines which if used with an RC switching device will allow the glowplug to be re-energized at low rpm's making the engine ultra reliable and smoother running at idle speeds, especially good on the larger 4 stroke engines.

The unit is a compact, lightweight electronic unit that requires a 6~32V input and puts out a steady 1.5V at 4amps. Very easy and simple to fit, please see attached manual under the "Files" tab.

• Compact and lightweight
• Easy to set up and operate
• Wide input voltage

Input Voltage: 6~32V
Output: 1.5V @ 4A
Dimensions: 23x20x7.6mm
Weight: 8g

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