On-Board Electronic Glowplug Driver 1.5V 4A

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On-Board Electronic Glowplug Driver 1.5V 4A

This on-board glowplug driver is perfect for all nitro engines which if used with an RC switching device will allow the glowplug to be driven at low rpm's making the engine ultra reliable and smoother running at idle speeds, especially good on the larger 4 stroke engines.

The unit is a compact, lightweight electronic unit that requires a 6~32V input and puts out a steady 1.5V at 4amps. Very easy and simple to fit, please see attached manual under the "Files" tab.

• Compact and lightweight
• Easy to set up and operate
• Wide input voltage

Input Voltage: 6~32V
Output: 1.5V @ 4A
Dimensions: 23x20x7.6mm
Weight: 8g

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