3K Woven Carbon Fiber Cloth (160g/m2) 1mtr

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3K Woven Carbon Fiber Cloth (160g/m2) 1mtr 3K Woven Carbon Fiber Cloth (160g/m2) 1mtr Europe HobbyKing Out Of Stock $28.06
215 g
Bonus: 28

High performance resin activated 100% Real Carbon Fiber Cloth.
Easy to glue and epoxy in place to form your own moulded shapes. Excellent for repairing, reinforcing, moulding and fabricating your own parts.
Have you ever wanted to make a Carbon Fiber Cowl? Now you can!
True 100% CF cloth is not cheap, but nothing beats its strength to weight ratio.
Our 3K 160g/m2 sheets come pre cut and are sewn on the sides for easy handling.

Two Sheets 500 x 1,000mm Carbon Fiber 3K Woven Cloth.
Weight: 160g/m2

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