SAITO FA 200 R3 (33ccm)

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SAITO FA 200 R3 (33ccm)

The FA-200R3 is an upgrade from the FA-170R3, featuring 20% larger displacement and 20% more power all at a lighter weight—resulting in a high power-to-weight ratio. Additionally, the FA-200R3 comes with a 3-piece flex exhaust system, making this an all-inclusive purchase for the customer. The FA-200R3 is ideal for medium-to-large air models, such as 120-size models like the Seagull® AT-6 Texan 1.20 ARF.

Key Features
    20% more displacement than the FA-170R3, resulting in 20% more power
    Same mounting dimensions as the FA-170R3, so there is no need to customize the plane
    Complete with a 3-piece flex exhaust system for an all-inclusive purchase
    Application: Airplane
    Benchmark Prop: APC 16 x 8 @ 9000 rpm
    Bore: 1.06 in (27.0mm)
    Crankshaft Threads: 8 x 1.25mm
    Cylinder Type: AAC
    Cylinders: Radial
    Displacement: 2.00 cu. in. (32.98 cc)
    Engine (Only) Weight: 46.4 oz (1366 gms)
    Fuel Type: Glow
    Muffler Type: 10mm Flex Exhaust Pipes included
    Muffler Weight: 4.4 oz (125 gms)
    Prop Range: 16 x 8-10 17 x 6-8
    RPM Range: 1800 - 9500
    Stroke: 0.76 in (19.2mm)
    Total Weight: 50.8 oz (1440 gms)
    Type: 4-stroke Airplane

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