Turnigy Servo Centering Setup Tool (Red)

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Turnigy Servo Centering Setup Tool (Red)

Have you ever installed a servo arm and then glued the servo in place, only to later find out the arm is a tooth or two off? I know what you’re going to say, "that’s what sub trim is for", or you should have plugged it into the receiver first which means you had to find a battery, plug in the ESC, remove the prop, pull out and set-up a model on your transmitter, wire it all up etc. Well those days are over…The Turnigy servo centering tool is a stand-alone unit that has a built in Li-poly battery and can handle up to four 1520us or 760us servos, you simply plug in your servo, press the power button and BAM…your servo goes to its center and is held there, allowing you to install the servo arm in its optimal position and then adjust your linkage to center everything up. The days of 30% sub trim and uneven deflection side to side are over. With its built in USB rechargeable battery, compact size and servo versatility there is no excuse to not build it right…from the start.

Servos compatibility: 1520us or 760us selectable
Number of servos controlled: up to 4
Battery: internal 500ma Li-poly
Charging: USB (cable included)
Size: 60x36x21mm
Color: Red

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