YEP 20A HV (2~12S) SBEC w/Selectable Voltage Output

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YEP 20A HV (2~12S) SBEC w/Selectable Voltage Output

Known for their excellent quality, value and performance, the YEP series lineup is expanding to offer even more electronic components to meet our customer's needs.

The YEP 20A HV SBEC is a must have for any model where clean, reliable power for your electronics is required. Offering a wide input voltage range of 6~50V, the YEP 20A SBEC can be used with just about any application from small models all the way up to 800 size helis or large gas airplanes.

The voltage output is selectable by jumper for 5V, 5.5V, 6V, 7V or 9V operation. Additionally, this unit features dual output leads which not only provides power redundancy, it also spreads the current load over two sets of leads to ensure you are not putting too many Amps through one lead.

• Switching BEC
• High voltage input (2~12S lipoly)
• Convenient jumper selectable voltage output of 5V/5.5V/6V/7V/9V (no programming required)
• High current handling of up to 20A
• Dual output leads offering power redundancy
• Integrated heatsink

Max Cont Current: 20A
Input Voltage: 2-12 cells li-XX or 6-35 cells Ni-MH/Ni-CD battery
Output Voltage: Jumper selectable 5V/5.5V/6V/7V/9V (no programming required)
PCB Size: 57x26mm
Weight: 42g

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