Vibration Damping Ball (65g) (Bag of 8)

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Vibration Damping Ball (65g) (Bag of 8) Vibration Damping Ball (65g) (Bag of 8) Europe HobbyKing Out Of Stock $1.44
15 g
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These are universal vibration damping balls that can be used in a number of applications from gimbal isolation to protecting sensitive electronics. They match perfectly with our wide range of isolation mounts and are available in a number of grams per ball vibration ratings.

Isolation rating: 65g per ball 
weight: 0.5g per ball
Size: 12.7mm tall (top of flange to bottom of flange) 8mm wide (at widest point)
Mounting: 5mm hole or bolt threw (8mm height between flats)

Bag of 8 balls (65gram)

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