Cox .049 "Surestart" Control Line Package (Standard)

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This excellent value for money package has just about everything you need for your 1/2A control line model.See the other Cox engines for the specs on the included "Surestart"engine.

Package Includes:
• Cox .049 "Surestart" engine
• Snap starter spring and cam
• 5 x 3 propeller
• 3/8oz wedge shaped control line tank
• 30cm silicone fuel line
• 4 x 25mm engine mounting bolts
• Control line handle
• 2 spools of 54ft control line
• 2 control line clips
• Engine operating instruction leaflet

NB: Cox glow engines have a glowhead that requires a 1.2-1.5v power source, do not use anything with a higher voltage or it will blow the element, also best to use fuel with a nitro content of 20% or more.

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