Dr. MadThrust 3.5" / 88.5mm Main Wheels with Electro Magnetic Braking System (2pc)

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Dr. MadThrust 3.5

Finally a reliable braking solution for large scale aircraft, these wheels use the same system used on high-speed roller coasters for launching the cars along the track, just in reverse. Magnets set into the outer rim of the wheel react with the coil in the center hub. When a current is passed through the coil, the magnets react with the magnetic field generated and slow the wheel down, thus causing the aircraft to brake. As there are no friction parts in the wheels, they cannot wear out so reliability and longevity should never be an issue.
You can even use braking progressively to avoid locking up the wheels when applying the brakes, just set them up on a progressive channel on the TX operated by a variable channel.

You get a pair of braking wheels and an Electro Magnetic Brake Controller. This plug's straight into your receiver for signal and draws power from an external battery pack, you can use anything from 3-10s LiPo.

Suited to models weighing up to 15kg.

• Reliable braking
• Quality construction
• Easy set up and installation
• All necessary hardware included

Input: 12-40V (3-10s LiPo)
Output Voltage: 0-12V
Output Current: 2A
Shaft Diameter: 4.0mm
Shaft Length: 45mm
Tyre Size: 88.5mm x 25.5mm
Weight (each): 260g
Weight (E-M-B-C): 10g
Servo Wire length: 800mm
Model Weight: 10-15kg
E-M-B-C Dimensions: 26mm x 60mm x 8.5mm

3-10s LiPo (1000mAh recommended)

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