Mercury Aluminum Alloy 74mm EDF Unit (6S 2200KV-CCW)

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Mercury Aluminum Alloy 74mm EDF Unit (6S 2200KV-CCW)
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Mercury Aluminum Alloy 74mm EDF Unit (6S 2200KV-CCW) Mercury Aluminum Alloy 74mm EDF Unit (6S 2200KV-CCW) Europe HobbyKing Out Of Stock $123.68
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A result of 3 years in research and development these Taiwanese manufactured 74mm EDF units are on the cutting edge of EDF design.

The duct unit is made from aircraft grade high tensile Aluminum alloy to improve performance and help reduce deformity of the duct during installation. The 10 fan blade is the first in the world to use high tensile aluminum alloy, A result of 18 months of wind-tunnel tests and Computer Aided Evaluation. The fan unit reduces high speed deformation by 90%, compared to a conventional ABS or plastic fan.  
All Moto-turbine parts are manufactured using precision CNC machine tools in Taiwan. CNC machining enables a high level of acuaracy in the manufacturing proccess and ensures strict tolerances can be maintained. Each fan is also factory dynamically balanced.

In conventional ducted fan design, the motor is secured to the stator hub while the fan secured to the motor shaft.  During operation, any imperfection in either the motor or fan will cause both the fan and motor to vibrate at a certain resonance frequency.  The oscillation can cause the blade tip to rub against the shroud of the duct.  Moto-turbine’s 3-bearing system reduces resonance vibration by 90%.

Motor: 3274-2200kv High Performance EDF Brushless
EDF Unit: 74mm
Battery: 6S 22.2V 3300-5000mAh LiPoly Battery
AMP Draw: 68 amps (Max)
Watts: 1600 watts (Max)
Thrust: 2100g
ESC: 80-100A
Unit Weight: 264g

Test Data:
22.2V (6S) 3300mah / 64amp / 1420watt / 2000g Thrust
22.2V (6S) 5000mah / 68amp / 1509watt / 2100g Thrust

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