MINIPROP Felix iQ Flexipor

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MINIPROP Felix iQ Flexipor

Felix IQ is an excellent flight model made of Flexipor.

Felix IQ was presented in February 2011 and has already conquered many hearts of children. The excellent flight characteristics and the patent-pending way the elevator can be set up to make loopings or normal flights make the Felix IQ great for beginners.
    The assembly is done in a few seconds.
    There is no adhesive required .
    For RC - friends , the Felix -IQ can be equipped with an electric motor set .
    The flight model Felix IQ is made of durable Flexipor and thus is in normal flight operations virtually no risk of breakage .
    The model is starting from raw material to packaging is 100 % "Made in Germany "
    Felix IQ was selected by pro-K , the industry association half- finished products and consumer plastic products "Product of the Year 2012" and has also been honored by "spielgut" .
Delivery: Finished model ( RTF) in the Flexipor , multicolored, multicolored decal sheet with 22 country flags , detailed instructions in German and English. Delivered in a gift box. Specifications: Wingspan approx.: 600 mm Fuselage length approx.: 49 mm Weight: 53 g

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