Electric Retract with Reversible Mount (1pc) 18.8g

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Electric Retract with Reversible Mount (1pc) 18.8g
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Electric Retract with Reversible Mount (1pc) 18.8g Electric Retract with Reversible Mount (1pc) 18.8g Europe HobbyKing In Stock $7.57
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The easiest way to put retracts in your plane. No need to install a control box, messy wiring or a complicated air system. Just screw in the retracts, connect to your Rx and youre ready!

Reliable servoless mechanism with metal gearing and a high torque motor ensures trouble free flying! This unit comes with 2 mount plates meaning it can be mounted normally or reverse with the extra plate being used for a top wing re-enforcing plate if required.

Why bother with air systems when you can now have a realistic and reliable electric unit at a fraction of the price?!

Working voltage: 4.8~6V
Speed: 0.55s/60deg 4.8v - 0.45s/60deg 6v
Travel: 90 degree
Dimensions: 54.8x32x21mm
Weight: 18.8g
Shaft size: 3mm

Mount Dimensions:
Mounting Plate Dimensions: 32mmx25mm
Hole Spacing: 17mmx25mm

Not suitable for a plane heavier than 2kg
Strut & Landing gear not included

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